Sunday, January 27, 2013


Beauty. Product. Addict.   Hi, that's me...

 Nice to meet you all!

Maybe you've sought out this blog and maybe you've happened across it by chance.  However you've found me, please enjoy my space.  I love knowing everything about everything and as I own a little mountain apothecary/beauty boutique, my main focus is on beauty products!!!  Hair, skin, nails, scents, salves, bubbles, tints and much much more.  My mission with this blog is to explore and document my many opinions on the products I have long loved, newly discovered, and want to try out.  Please enjoy my experience with me!!

Background:  Born a Chi-town shopaholic, a Nordstrom faithful and, later, a Sephora addict... I still find appreciation in the small batch, family owned companies that are present in the little neighborhood shops and apothecaries.  The experiences I had with the products of my mother's, my friends' mother's, my older sister's, her friend's, my friend's... ensured a vast knowledge as a youngster, leading into a life longing for more!  I am a massage therapy school graduate and an Aveda Institute Chicago graduate, licensed cosmetologist, hair stylist and shop girl!  Enough about me for now...let's get to it!

Enjoy the journey!


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